Adonis golden ratio scam – Is the guide efficient?

There’re many bodybuilding programs on internet, however majority of them are difficult to work out with and just do not deliver. Some of them that work is Adonis Golden Ratio made by Barban. I know you are probably thinking if it will really deliver and just fluff.

What is the Adonis Golden Ratio scam?

It is the muscle building program that is developed by the fitness professional John Barban. The 12 week of workout program was particularly made to work with the body & not punish it, like other bodybuilding program do. There’re over 70 videos in this package explaining many exercises, which are been used in this system. The bodybuilding method has the fully customizable guide so you will know exactly what to eat thus fat loss & muscle growth are maximized.

Adonis Golden Ratio program generally comes with many components:

  • 12 week of Golden Ratio program that can be based on results of the Adonis Index.
  • Adonis Index Calculator: it is what you can use for helping you to determine the body type.
  • Adonis Nutrition software: The application is completely customized so you may eat right foods and leading to the fat loss and faster muscle development.
  • The nutritional ebook guide is provided.
  • AGR Video Series: over 70 instructional videos will be included here.

There’re also a few bonuses that are included in this package: Abs & Arms Assault is 4 week program and where you can learn secrets of developing muscles in the arms. At a same time you can discover how you can get the muscular abs. This package as well comes with the free updates for this program. You can get 30day of free trial in Adonis Immersion that is site’s premium membership. This can give you the glimpse on what is accessible there like video lessons or guides.


Third main area of Adonis golden ratio is about the nutritional supplementation. What you may not know right now is that suppose you eat a lot of protein, you may actually find losing muscle in place of building this. That is just one example on how the nutritional advice is necessary for the maximum success at what you are trying to achieve – and building the better body. Fact is, with Barban on your side you cannot have the better guide for safe nutrition. Where supplements are been concerned, you will get benefit of his twenty years in this industry. Actually, most of the supplements can actually cause you move away from the weight loss & muscle building goals (thus take you far away from golden ratio and not towards it). He also tells you which supplements you want to use, and explaining how and when and why it will benefit you. This information is priceless.

In short, it is totally true that you won’t have seen anything like Adonis Golden ratio scam earlier. It is unique in field of dieting, weight loss and bodybuilding.

Louis / 29/06/2015 / Health